Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis is a process of looking for anomalies and monitoring change from the established vibration signature of a system. The vibration of any object in motion is characterized by variations of amplitude, intensity, and frequency. These can correlate to physical phenomena, making it possible to use vibration data to gain insights into the health of equipment.

Vibration analysis can be used to

  1. Find a developing problem that can be repaired to increase machine lifetime
  2. Establish acceptance testing criteria to ensure that installation/repairs are properly conducted
Balancing of Rotor
Operational Deflection Shape of Grinding Machine

Services AMTTF can provide

  • Natural Frequency Analysis
  • Frequency Spectrum Analysis (FFT Analysis)
  • Mode Shape Analysis (Modal Analysis)
  • Waterfall Analysis
  • Order Analysis
  • Gear Box Vibration Analysis
  • Ground Vibration Analysis
  • Balancing of Motors, Rotors & Spindles

Machine Tool Testing

AMTTF is equipped with the latest state of art equipment to cater the testing services of any CNC/Conventional Machines.

Finish Machining test on HMC
Static Rigidity Test

Services AMTTF can provide

  • Geometrical Accuracy Tests like straightness, squareness, Pitch, Yaw, etc.
  • Positioning Accuracy Tests of Linear & Rotary Axes
  • Interpolation Accuracy Tests (Ball Bar Test)
  • Spindle Vibration Test
  • CE Certification Tests
  • Noise Measurement
  • Reliability Tests
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Third Party Inspection & Certification
  • Power Utilization, chatter test, Process Capability Evaluation, etc.
  • Machine Power Analysis
  • Static Rigidity Analysis

Third Party Inspection

AMTTF can offer third party inspection services of new/used machinery.

Services AMTTF can provide

  • Pre - dispatch Third Party Inspection & Certification
  • Post - dispatch Third Party Inspection & Certification
  • Providing guidelines/specifications for tender documents
Third Party Inspection of Laser Cutting Machine

AMTTF had carried out several third party inspection for the procurement of machinery by government sectors as well as private companies.

Certification of Machines & Other Engineering Products

AMTTF is equipped with the latest state of art equipment to carry out the prototype testing/ type testing of CNC/Conventional Machines, subsystems and other engineering products.

AMTTF can carry out the testing of the products as per National/ International Standards and certify the products for its functionality/Performance and reliability.

EMC Testing

The Equipment Performance is evaluated with reference to the relevant parts of BS EN/ IEC/ CISPR standards, and the evaluation is done for conducted Emission and Radiated Emission and Immunity.

Services AMTTF can provide

  • Conducted Emission Test
  • Radiated Emission Test
  • Immunity Tests like Electro Static Discharge Tests
  • Also other CE tests like
Conducted Emission Test
  • Withstanding Programmed Voltage
  • Withstanding Voltage Test
  • High Voltage Burn-Out Test
  • Continuity Tests
  • Insulation Resistance Measurement
  • Substitute Leakage Current
  • Differential Leakage Current
  • Touch Leakage Current
  • Discharge Time
  • Functional Test (Power, Voltage, Current, cos Φ, Frequency)

EMI Test Receiver
EMC Testing on Special Test Rig
Radiated Emission Test on VMC

Laser Calibration of CNC Machines

AMTTF is equipped with the latest state of art equipment and Trained Engineers to carry out the calibration services of CNC Machines.

Ball Bar test on Lathe
Rotary Axis Calibration of VTL

Services AMTTF can provide

  • Linear Axis Calibration using Laser Interferometer
  • Rotary Axis Calibration using Laser interferometer & Rotary Indexer
  • Interpolation Accuracy Calibration using Ball Bar

Other Laser Services

AMTTF is equipped with the Renishaw Laser kit with full set of optics including Straightness, Squareness and Flatness optics.

Renishaw Laser Kit
Renishaw Rotary Kit
Squareness Measurement using Laser

Services AMTTF can provide

  • Linear Axis Calibration
  • Rotary Axis Calibration
  • Thermal Growth of Linear Axis
  • Squareness between Axes using Laser
  • Feed Accuracy Measurement
  • Straightness of Bed, Axis up to 30m using Laser
  • Step Response & Smoothness of Axis
  • Flatness using Laser

Thermal Analysis

AMTTF carry out detailed Thermal Analysis of Machines under Normal / Controlled Environmental Conditions.

Thermal Growth of Spindle
Thermal Growth of Spindle Test Setup

Services AMTTF can provide

  • Thermal Growth of Axes
  • Thermal Growth of Spindles
  • Controlled Environment Tests in Thermal Chamber

Residual Stress Analysis & Retained Austenite Measurement

Residual Stress Analysis & Retained Austenite Measurement helps to study the manufacturing processes to improve the fatique life of components used in Automobiles/ machine tools and other industries.

Residual Stress Measurement
Residual Stress Measurement of Helicopter Gear Box

Services AMTTF can provide

  • Residual Stress Measurement using XRD
  • Retained Austenite measurement using XRD

Metrology Services

AMTTF is equipped with a metrology lab necessary equipment for inspection and calibration of dimensional measuring instruments.

Contour Measuring Instrument
SIP Guage Measuring Instrument

Services AMTTF can provide

  • Contour Measurement
  • Surface Roughness Measurement
  • Calibration of Dial Guage, LVDT
  • Height Guage with X axis Probe for Dimensional Measurement