Thermal Chamber

Thermal Analysis of VMC inside Thermal Chamber

AMTTF is equipped with an Environment chamber where the Temperature and Humidity can be controlled.

Thermal chamber helps to evaluate the environmental limits for every product of machine, machine elements, machine sub-systems, telecommunication, aerospace, automotive and electronics components.

Features of Thermal Chamber

  • Volume of 4mx4mx4m
  • Temperature Range : 10°C to 65°C
  • Humidity Range : 40-90%
  • Constant Temperature as well as Temperature profile can be set

Spindle Test Rig

Spindle Test Rig

AMTTF has a specialised Automated test rig for testing of Machine Tool Spindles.

Spindle Test Rig (STR) helps to evaluate the performance and reliability of the spindles. Test rig is useful to the Machine tool manufacturing industries in testing and bench marking of machine tool spindles.

The test rig is capable of testing spindle for Thermal behaviour, running accuracies, spindle rigidity and Spindle noise.

Features of STR

  • 18.5 Kw motor to drive the spindle (Max RPM of Motor=12000RPM, Spindle can be rotated even higher RPMs by suitable reduction pulleys)
  • Tests which can be carried out
  • Geometrical Tests
  • Idle Power Measurement
  • Thermal Stability Tests
  • Compliance / Static Rigidity Tests
  • Frequency Response Test
  • Forced Vibration Tests
  • Noise Tests
  • Spindle Running Accuracy Test

Telescopic Cover Test Rig

Telescopic Test Rig
Telescopic Test Rig

AMTTF has a specialised Automated test rig for testing of Guideway Covers.

Telescopic Cover Test Rig (TCTR) helps to evaluate the performance and reliability of the Guideway covers used in Machines. Test rig is useful to the Machine tool manufacturing industries and the cover manufacturers in testing and bench marking of Telescopic Covers. The test rig is capable of testing the cover for its functionality, Performance and Reliability under different conditions like, with coolant, without coolant, with chips, etc.

Features of TCTR

  • Linear Motor drive with up to 120m/min maximum feed
  • 3 metre stroke length
  • Up to 2 metre width of cover can be accommodated
  • Fully programmable for stroke, speed and number of cycles at specific speeds to simulate real duty cycle.
  • Tests which can be carried out
    • Positioning Accuracy & Repeatability Variation
    • Reliability Tests
    • Drag Power & Noise Variation
    • Wear & Tear

Residual Stress Analysis & Retained Austenite Measurement

Residual Stress Measurement

AMTTF is facilitated with Portable Residual Stress and Retained Austenite Measuring Equipment, which works on the principle of X-Ray Diffraction.

Proto iXRD equipment helps to measure the surface level residual stresses using Non destructive method. Stresses in different depth also can measured by using Electrolytic etching.

Features of STR

  • Residual Stress Measurement
  • Retained Austenite Measurement
  • Triaxial Measurement
  • Stress Mapping
  • Being a portable Equipment, Even a sample of 5mm X 5mm to Heavy beds/structures can be measured easily
  • Materials which can be tested
  • Ferritic Steel Alloys
  • Aluminium Alloys
  • Magnesium Alloys
  • Chromium Carbide
  • Chromium Oxide
  • Austenitic Steel
  • Copper
  • Copper Berylium
  • Nickel Alloys (Inconel)
  • Manganese
  • Chromium Cobalt Alloys
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Tungsten Alloys, etc

Test Beds

Test Bed Facility at AMTTF

AMTTF is facilitated with Test bed facility for conducting Full power, Chatter, Vibration and study of Dynamic characteristic of machines, under clamped/Grouted conditions of the machine under test. Total Test bed surface consists of 24 beds (0.5x2.0m area), one of its kind established at AMTTF is designed with a mono-block concrete structure.

on a steel frame with levelling arrangement, facilitating the total top surface area of testbed with in Flatness.

All the 24 Testbeds are designed and manufactured with T-slots, facilitating the machine/test item grouted to the foundation, isolated from external vibrations. The testbed area is capable of accommodating mounting one or more machines and tested simultaneously.

Flatness of Testbed Top Surface : 0.2mm

Floor Area : 4mx13m

Load Capacity : 200tons

Metrology Lab

AMTTF is equipped with a metrology lab necessary equipment for inspection and calibration of dimensional measuring instruments.

Contour Measuring Instrument
SIP Guage Measuring Instrument

Services AMTTF can provide

  • Contour Measurement
  • Surface Roughness Measurement
  • Calibration of Dial Guage, LVDT
  • Height Guage with X axis Probe for Dimensional Measurement

Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis is a process of looking for anomalies and monitoring change from the established vibration signature of a system. The vibration of any object in motion is characterized by variations of amplitude, intensity, and frequency. These can correlate to physical phenomena, making it possible to use vibration data to gain insights into the health of equipment.

Vibration analysis can be used to

  1. Find a developing problem that can be repaired to increase machine lifetime
  2. Establish acceptance testing criteria to ensure that installation/repairs are properly conducted
Balancing of Rotor
Operational Deflection Shape of Grinding Machine

Services AMTTF can provide

  • Natural Frequency Analysis
  • Frequency Spectrum Analysis (FFT Analysis)
  • Mode Shape Analysis (Modal Analysis)
  • Waterfall Analysis
  • Order Analysis
  • Gear Box Vibration Analysis
  • Ground Vibration Analysis
  • Balancing of Motors, Rotors & Spindles

EMC Testing

The Equipment Performance is evaluated with reference to the relevant parts of BS EN/ IEC/ CISPR standards, and the evaluation is done for conducted Emission and Radiated Emission and Immunity.

Services AMTTF can provide

  • Conducted Emission Test
  • Radiated Emission Test
  • Immunity Tests like Electro Static Discharge Tests
  • Also other CE tests like
Conducted Emission Test
  • Withstanding Programmed Voltage
  • Withstanding Voltage Test
  • High Voltage Burn-Out Test
  • Continuity Tests
  • Insulation Resistance Measurement
  • Substitute Leakage Current
  • Differential Leakage Current
  • Touch Leakage Current
  • Discharge Time
  • Functional Test (Power, Voltage, Current, cos Φ, Frequency)

EMI Test Receiver
EMC Testing on Special Test Rig
Radiated Emission Test on VMC

Laser Calibration of CNC Machines

AMTTF is equipped with the latest state of art equipment and Trained Engineers to carry out the calibration services of CNC Machines.

Ball Bar test on Lathe
Rotary Axis Calibration of VTL

Services AMTTF can provide

  • Linear Axis Calibration using Laser Interferometer
  • Rotary Axis Calibration using Laser interferometer & Rotary Indexer
  • Interpolation Accuracy Calibration using Ball Bar