About Us

About Us


AMTTF is a 'single point window' dedicated facility to provide Testing and Development support to Engineering and Machine Tool Industries and it is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to test machine tools, accessories and other Engineering Products to establish their performance and reliability against international standards.

AMTTF is established as a joint project by Govt. of India, IMTMA and CMTI, and Registered as Society under Karnataka Govt.

Steering Committee

AMTTF is governed by a steering committee consisting of members from the Govt. of India, CMTI, and Industry Members.

The Present Members of AMTTF Steering committee:

  • Sri S. G. Shirgurkar, Chairman – AMTTF, MD-ACE Designers
  • Sri N. K. Dhand, MD-Micromatic Grinding
  • Sri P. Ramadas, MD-AMS Ltd
  • Sri Ravi Raghavan, CEO-BFW
  • Sri Indradev Babu, MD-UCAM
  • Sri H. S. Nikhila, MD-Precitec
  • Sri Narayanan Shankar, Siemens
  • Sri Neeraj Sinha, Office of PSA, Govt of India
  • Dr. Vandana Kumar, DIPP, Govt of India
  • Sri N. Sivanand, DHI, Govt of India
  • Sri Sanjay Chavre, DHI, Govt of India
  • Sri Satish Kumar, Director in Charge, CMTI
Steering Committee