AMTTF Advanced Machine Tool Testing Facility
  • What is AMTTF?

    It is a dedicated facility proposed by IMTMA to provide testing and development support to the machine tool industry.


  • Who needs it? Who will benefit?

    The proposal is in response to the need for such a facility conveyed by member companies.  It will benefit machine tool builders, accessories and parts manufacturers


  • Where will it be located?

    In CMTI, as a separate dedicated facility


  • What services will it provide?

    • Testing of machine tools, accessories and parts.

    • Static, dynamic and thermal testing

    • Reliability tests, troubleshooting and remedial measures

    • Sub-assemblies testing (e.g. spindles, axes etc.)

    • Help with CE certification of machine tools

    • CAE services

    • Testing electronic controls and systems

    • Test safety, automation and other aspects

    (Any others as may be required by the machine tool companies)


  • What facilities will it have?

    • Test beds for machine tools to be tested

    • Instrumentation for static and dynamic measurements

    • Rigidity stands, sensors and systems for thermal testing

    • Noise testing and troubleshooting equipment

    • Spindle test rigs (vibration, noise, running accuracy etc)

    • Ballscrew / Bearings / LM Guideways test rigs

    • Lubrication and wear test rigs

    • Hydraulic / coolant / AC / Refrigeration test rigs etc.

    • CAD/CAE/CAM systems

      (To be decided jointly by CMTI and industry)+CMTI facilities

  • Who will head it?

    The AMTTF will be headed by a Director to be selected by the steering committee  from Industry/CMTI/academia/abroad.


  • How will it be managed?

    • Through a steering committee with members from industry and government, responsible to the Governing Council.

    • Industry to take the leading role in getting projects, allotting priorities and following up for completion to users’

      satisfaction (as part owner!)

    • Steering committee will also decide costing norms

    Once the investments are made, AMTTF is expected to run as a self-sustaining centre from the fourth year onwards.


  • What is the investment in creating this facility?

    Rs.996 lakhs (capital and revenue) over three years, to equip it with new facilities to serve the needs of testing and developing modern machine tools.


  • Who will fund this investment? And how long?

    The investment will be jointly by industry and government.  Government investment will be Rs.696 lakhs . 

    Industry investment will be Rs.300 lakhs (Rs.100 lakhs/year for 3 years).


  • What is the present position?

     AMTTF has been registered as a society with 4 founding members from industry, IMTMA and two government nominees. The steering committee has held its first meeting.  Mr.S.G. Shirgurkar is the first chairman of AMTTF.


  • What is the next step?

    Machine tool companies are expected to join the AMTTF and participate in its technical and financial management for the benefit of the industry.


  • What do companies gain by participating?

    Priority on their testing/development projects. Discounts on the pricing of their projects at AMTTF

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